How active have you been?

Well folks, the state legislative session is upon us once again. The advocates have prepared their research and talking points, the legislators have thought about their priorities, the media have their questions ready to go, the staff have been juggling demands, the security guards have shined their boots, the door-keepers have practiced their orders, the cameramen are ready to roll, public television has scheduled their coverage, the capitol print shop has added their toner and ordered their newsprint, the lobbyists have made their promises…..its show time.

As you plan your actions on behalf of kids in 2018 its time to reflect on how you can better be a voice for those without a voice in the halls of power….what are you going to do differently this year?

Check out and connect with one of these great organizations who work on behalf of kids every day at state capitols in some of most demanding environments when it comes to child well-being: