Welcome, Ahmed!

Ahmed Farah, BSW, MSW student

Hello, my name is Ahmed Farah and I am a Social Worker striving the make the world a better place. I am also an immigrant and a refugee who lived in 5 countries in 3 different continents. I am currently attending the University of Louisville to complete my Master of Science in Social Work (MSSW). I hope to practice macro-level social work in areas such as research and policy.

I decided to pursue social work as a result of my upbringing as an immigrant/refugee, as well as, the values and beliefs held by my family (e.g. the Golden Rule). I have always enjoyed helping others and social work allows me to do that. Now, I want to speak and advocate along with those who are marginalized and vulnerable. I want my children and future generations to live in a world where they can all be treated equitably and have the necessary resources and tools to be happy. One of my favorite quotes that I live by is from Mahatma Gandhi: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

When I first learned about Lacey McNary and the McNary Group, I knew that I wanted to complete my MSSW internship there. Lacey is an accomplished leader who is doing macro-level work that is greatly benefiting society. The McNary Group utilizes tools such as research, program evaluations, and policy change to assist families, communities, and agencies. As such, I wanted to learn from Lacey and the McNary Group, as this is what I would like to do as a social worker. I am looking forward to what I will be learning during my time with the McNary Group.

McNary Group welcomes Ahmed as our practicum student this year!