Coalition Development & Management IN ACTION

Continuing our series on the Six Elements of Organizational Impact here is

ELEMENT #6— Coalition Development & Management

Case Spotlight: 

Healthcare Equity Advisory Committee

In 2021, the Kentuckiana Health Collaborative sought to convene a Healthcare Equity Advisory Committee to research, plan, and act against racism in healthcare delivery. 

The Kentuckiana Health Collaborative (KHC) is a non-profit coalition of businesses and healthcare stakeholders working to solve the complex health problems that face the local community with the goal of improving the health status and healthcare delivery in Greater Louisville and Kentucky. The KHC works to accomplish this mission through a variety of healthcare measurement and community health initiatives that leverage employer engagement, multi-stakeholder collaboration, and education to transform and optimize healthcare.

As KHC notes: 

In the United States, significant racial disparities exist for health outcomes and life expectancy. Many of these disparities can be linked to the political and social structures and values that exist in our country that have long-rooted histories of racism. These structures and values result in disparities around health-promoting resources such as food, income, housing, environmental quality, and more. Our healthcare delivery system is often less acknowledged as one of the resources that is also subject to racism and systems of inequality. Both anecdotally and empirically, racism at the point of healthcare delivery is as pervasive as it is in the rest of our society. 

KHC recognized the need to catalyze the healthcare system to prevent its own perpetuation of racial injustice and heal the harm that has been done, as this can only be accomplished through ensuring equitable healthcare moving forward. 

The Kentucky Nurses Association and Have a Heart Clinic also recognized this glaring injustice and collaborated with KHC around shared priorities. Together, these organizations united over the need to bring community members and organizations together to develop a direct call to action to healthcare organizations in Greater Louisville. To fulfill this need, the Healthcare Equity Advisory Committee was formed.

McNary Group was fortunate to have assisted with the design and facilitation of the Healthcare Equity Advisory Committee

In three separate meetings, committee members gathered to address research, planning, and action as it pertained to the focus areas and goals of the Committee. 

Focus Areas:

how racism permeates the quality and experience of care that people receive, and likewise can be changed to create equity


  • Identify top healthcare disparities by race and ethnicity in Greater Louisville
  • Gain consensus on the prioritization of disparities
  • Provide recommendations for interventions to drive improvements in equity of care

McNary Group facilitated the series of meetings from October 2021 to February 2022, in which the Committee reached consensus on eight principles to advance healthcare equity in Louisville

8 Principles: 

  1. Confront racism in healthcare
  2. Address social risks and needs
  3. Collect race and ethnicity data
  4. Administer training and education
  5. Eliminate race-based medicine
  6. Foster diversity, inclusion, and belonging
  7. Practice person-centered care
  8. Prioritize high impact health disparities

It does not end there! 

The Committee calls upon other healthcare organizations in Louisville to sign the Letter of Support for the internal implementation of the principles. 

Is your organization ready to commit towards the implementation of the healthcare equity principles with the goals of advancing healthcare equity, improving community health, and eliminating racism in healthcare?

Join the cause and sign the Letter of Support here.  

McNary Group thanks KHC for allowing us to contribute towards eliminating racism and disparities within healthcare in Greater Louisville.