Strategic Planning & Facilitation IN ACTION

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ELEMENT #5— Strategic Planning & Facilitation

Case Spotlight: 

Kentucky Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention Task Force

The Kentucky Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention Task Force (KHDSP) is dedicated to improving cerebrovascular and cardiovascular health for all Kentuckians by spreading knowledge and helping those in need receive treatment. The Task Force is a voluntary organization, comprised of individuals in many fields working across all parts of Kentucky. 

In 2023, KHDSP sought McNary Group to facilitate an off-site, one-day strategic retreat session in Louisville, Kentucky. 

The retreat included activities to assess challenges, opportunities and threats, and identify main goals and objectives for the next 5 years. 

The retreat led to the creation of the 2024-2028 KHDSP Strategic Map and Plan to be published in June 2024. For the release, keep informed with the Task Force here

The 2024-2028 plan is the fifth iteration of the KHDSP State Action Plan and builds upon the dedication and collaboration among communities and healthcare professionals to address heart disease and stroke in the Commonwealth.

The existing Strategic Map and Plan for KHDSP through 2020-2023 is available below

This plan delineates the strategies and objectives developed to continue to address prevention and treatment improvements through policy and systems changes to improve the cardiovascular health of Kentucky. The Action Plan serves as the guiding document and foundation for the statewide Kentucky Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Task Force.

Stay tuned with KHDSP for the release of the 2024-2028 Strategic Map and Plan later this year. 

To grasp the scope of heart disease and stroke within the state of Kentucky and understand the necessity of KHDSP’s aims, view the statewide interactive map. With the eighth-highest mortality rate from heart disease in the United States, it is evident that cardiovascular health must remain a priority within the Commonwealth. 

McNary Group thanks KHDSP for the opportunity to facilitate amongst staff and strategize about organizational goals moving forward. It was an honor to lend a hand in the existing efforts of generating awareness and improving cardiovascular health within the state.