Community Engagement IN ACTION

Continuing our series on the Six Elements of Organizational Impact here is

ELEMENT #3— Community Engagement

Case Spotlight: 

Coalition for the Homeless

In 2017, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) selected the Louisville/Jefferson County Continuum of Care (CoC) to participate in the Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program (YHDP). 

The HUD granted the Coalition for the Homeless the Homeless Youth Demonstration Grant to support local efforts to reduce, and eventually eliminate, youth and young adult homelessness in Louisville. 

The Coalition for the Homeless works to prevent and end homelessness in Louisville, Kentucky through advocacy, education, and the coordination of member agencies. 

With the grant, the Coalition for the Homeless initiated a community planning process to address homelessness among unaccompanied youth and young adults. The process brought together a wide array of government agencies, service providers, nonprofit organizations, member groups, and, most importantly, young adults who had experienced homelessness.  

McNary Group was hired to design, facilitate, and draft the plan and coordinate the federal HUD review process of Louisville, Kentucky’s Coordinated Community Plan to Prevent and End Youth Homelessness.

The full report is available below!

This plan represents the expertise of over 70 local organizations that focused their efforts on encouraging innovation, establishing best practices, and optimizing effectiveness in youth homelessness—all while prioritizing the perspectives and voices of youth who have or are experiencing homelessness. 

In January 2020, an update to the original plan was published by the Coalition for the Homeless to reassess the success of project goals and reestablish commitment to ongoing evaluative efforts. This serves to ensure adequate follow-through for our youth-identified homeless population. 

View the full update below.

McNary Group is grateful to have taken a part in the coordinated effort among many incredible community partners. 

We thank the Coalition for the Homeless for this rewarding opportunity and anticipate the lasting impact that it will serve for our youth!