Research & Evaluation IN ACTION

Continuing our series on the Six Elements of Organizational Impact here is

ELEMENT #2— Research & Evaluation

Case Spotlight: 

Metro United Way

During the Spring of 2020, Metro United Way was presented with the unique opportunity to partner with United Way Worldwide (UWW) and United Parcel Service (UPS) to serve as one of four local United Ways (LUWs) engaged in a new national initiative— United Against Human Trafficking

The purpose of this initial two-year project was to pilot community-based anti-trafficking interventions at a local level in four cities (Atlanta, GA; Louisville, KY; Brownsville, TX; and Las Vegas, NV) in order to identify promising practices and impactful strategies that can be scaled, shared, and/or replicated in other communities across the country. 

McNary Group was contracted to assist Metro United Way with their efforts in Louisville. Our efforts focused on conducting a comprehensive landscape analysis of the current state of human trafficking and anti-trafficking efforts in our local community. We utilized a participatory approach and a mixed methods research design to realize this objective. 

The final report reveals needs and gaps in which Metro United Way and its various member groups (volunteers, donors, and partner businesses and organizations) may add value and play a meaningful role in preventing trafficking and supporting survivors. 

For a detailed look at the full project, read the report below! 

This analysis shines a light on human trafficking— an often misunderstood, yet highly important issue that plagues communities across the country and the world. It ignites a more significant conversation about the underlying conditions and root causes of human trafficking in our backyard. 

By translating comprehensive research and evaluation into deliverable results, McNary Group aims to draw greater attention and resources to the individuals and organizations working every day to prevent human trafficking in Louisville, Kentucky. 

The summary of report findings can be found below! 

Thank you again, to Metro United Way! It was an honor to lead such a profound effort in our community.