ELEMENT #5: Strategic Planning & Facilitation

Continuing our series on the Six Elements of Organizational Impact here is

ELEMENT #5— Strategic Planning & Facilitation

Most McNary Group projects incorporate some aspect of nonprofit strategic planning, whether it’s to use a strategic plan for guidance, or to create it in the course of a community-engagement initiative or policy-changing campaign.

Our strategy sessions can be geared toward boards, coalitions, committees, staff, or communities. We understand that every organization, effort, and initiative has a life cycle and needs to continuously evaluate sustainable and feasible ways to improve. We offer a neutral voice and an expert, observant eye to help propel organizations to success.

Our work supports community collaboration in providing the structure and accountability needed to succeed. We provide the support needed to ensure implementation of strategic plans.

What We Do…

staff retreats

strategic planning

event facilitation

McNary Group offers tailor-made strategy sessions for various organizational strata, as well as periodic re-evaluations and improvements.

Our neutral and expert perspectives help organizations evaluate and improve their strategies effectively. This complements our ability to assess and nurture the lifecycle of organizations, efforts, and initiatives relevant to family engagement.

Our customized strategy sessions target different organizational structures such as boards, committees, and staff. We are skilled at convening diverse groups and facilitating conversations that contribute to effective planning and strategy. This capacity is invaluable for planning multi-faceted evaluations that require input from various sectors.

We have worked with:

America’s Service Commission ᐧ BLOCS ᐧ Boys and Girls Haven ᐧ Community and Economic Development Initiative of Kentucky ᐧ Coalition for the Homeless ᐧ Community Shield ᐧ Eastern Kentucky Child Care Coalition ᐧ Face-It ᐧ Family Resource and Youth Services Centers ᐧ Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky ᐧ Hazard Perry County Community Ministries ᐧ Humana Foundation ᐧ Indiana Youth Institute ᐧ Interaction Institute for Social Change ᐧ Jewish Family and Career Services ᐧ Jewish Heritage Fund for Excellence ᐧ Junior League of Indianapolis ᐧ Kentuckiana Works ᐧ Kentucky Civic Engagement Table ᐧ Kentucky Department for Public Health ᐧ Kentucky Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention Task Force ᐧ Kentucky Lung Cancer Screening Program ᐧ Kentucky Oral Health Coalition ᐧ Kentucky Out-of-School Alliance ᐧ Kentucky Social Welfare Foundation ᐧ Lincoln Trail District Health Department ᐧ Louisville Nature Center ᐧ Maryhurst ᐧ National Safe Place Network ᐧ Serve Idaho ᐧ St. Vincent DePaul ᐧ University of Kentucky ᐧ University of Louisville ᐧ Utah Department for Public Health ᐧ Wilderness Louisville

amongst others…

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