ELEMENT #4: Human Resources & Youth Protection

Continuing our series on the Six Elements of Organizational Impact here is

ELEMENT #4— Human Resources & Youth Protection

McNary Group provides organizations with personnel solutions that result in improved employee and organizational performance.

Our primary role is to assist our clients in identifying needs, developing action plans, and facilitating change. Our services are designed to improve productivity, efficiency, compliance, and employee morale.

McNary Group also prioritizes action to protect children and youth in our communities, organizations, and various systems/structures in our society.

Our multidisciplinary team of experts will review and analyze your organization’s current youth protection policies, procedures, and guidelines. Working in partnership with your team, we offer recommendations that are successful in achieving “best practices” in youth protection.

What We Offer…

Human Resource Consulting

  • policy assessments
  • policy creation and updates
  • staff training
  • leadership coaching

Organizational Youth Protection Policy & Training

  • internal policy review, assessment, and development
  • training
  • communication for youth protection

We have worked with:

Catapult NowFace-ItFamily Time, Inc.Louisville Metro Government Louisville Girls LeadershipServing IdahoSowing Seeds with Faith Stamey Street Consulting Group

amongst others…

And we want to work with YOU too!

Read on for a closer look at our services!


McNary Group provides Human Resources Consulting to start-ups, nonprofits, small organizations, and mid-sized companies. We aim to help organizations streamline their human resources tasks and improve the ways they engage and manage their employees.

Our work begins with interviewing organizational leadership to determine the current status of HR policies and practices. This work allows us to gain an understanding of the organizational culture, climate, and readiness. We will then move into organizational assessment, data collection, development of policy language, training and monitoring, and implementation of recommendations.

Our services can include:

  • Handbook Creation
  • Job Description Creation
  • Recruiting
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Employee Relations Administration
  • Compliance and Employee Training

Your business is unique, and so are your HR needs.

We’re happy to work with you either as a full-service HR resource or as a human resource consultant to elevate the capabilities of your current HR staff.

Either way, we’ll help you choose the systems and tools that serve your business best.

Contact Erin Fages PHR, SHRM-CP for more information or to schedule a free 30 minute consultation at erin@mcnarygroup.com.


Taking action to protect children and youth is the responsibility of all adults in our communities, organizations, and various systems/structures in our society.

When adults have the right information and tools to protect youth, they are empowered and prepared to prevent and respond to abuse and exploitation.

One way to achieve this is through policies and procedures that define what child abuse is, what it looks like, and how to report and prevent it.

Our services can include:

  • assessment and review of current policies and procedures related to youth protection
  • analysis of state and local statutes and mandates related to child neglect, abuse, and exploitation
  • definition of risk management strategies for prevention of, and response to, child abuse and exploitation
  • draft and dissemination of policy language that is consistent across all groups and departments involved in youth services and programs
  • development of education campaigns and/or training programs and resources for adults and youth
  • consultation and guidance for implementation of youth protection policies and procedures
  • ongoing monitoring and evaluation
  • messaging support to the public

Our objective is to engage with youth-serving organizations to help them build strong policies and best practices that serve the best interests of all youth and the adults that serve them. Our vision for this work is to provide support for networks’ youth-serving organizations so that they are successful in executing best and recommended practices related to protecting youth from sexual abuse, neglect, physical abuse, psychological abuse, exploitation, human trafficking, violence, and other traumatic occurrences.

We aim to help organizations and systems implement a “culture of youth protection”.

We believe this can be achieved by helping each unique network or organization build and develop robust and intentional policies and practices, centered on protecting and nurturing all the youth they serve.

We can work with your budget and timeline to implement one or all components!

Because it is our shared duty to ensure youth protection.

The Youth Protection Policy (YPP) project is available nationwide to assist all types of organizations and entities that serve young people. Depending on your level of involvement, click the flyers below to learn more about how to enhance youth protection policies, procedures, and training.

Individual Organizations:

Networks, Coalitions, Associations, Grantees, and Governmental Departments:

McNary Group is here to help strengthen Human Resources & Youth Protection within your organization!

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