ELEMENT #3: Community Engagement

Continuing our series on the Six Elements of Organizational Impact here is

ELEMENT #3— Community Engagement

Community voice and community engagement are at the heart of nonprofit consulting services for McNary Group.

We value:

  • empowered and informed decision-making
  • inclusion of marginalized voices
  • space for storytelling about the history and experience of those involved
  • respect for community
  • trust-building with all key players
  • commitment to the promises made
  • access to the process for all
  • accurately depicting the public’s role
  • and reflecting back what we have heard

Our community engagement process plans for the needs of all players that we engage, not just the ones with the power of the purse or the gavel. This approach creates an inclusive process that will ultimately lead to a strong, supported, sustainable community vision.

At McNary Group, we also believe in great facilitation, which can be an overlooked yet essential feature to productive meetings.

This means that we will:

  • plan for translation or elimination of professional jargon and acronyms
  • build in for listening
  • and proactively work through difficult subjects

We utilize many methods to bring voices to the conversation and are committed to cultural responsiveness, combatting implicit bias and institutionalized racism, positive youth engagement, and a trauma-informed approach.

Our Community Engagement & Feedback translates into…

  • facilitation and meeting design
  • surveys
  • creation of materials

We have worked with:

Brain Injury Alliance of KentuckyCity of FrankfortCommunity ShieldCouncilwoman Nicole GeorgeDentaQuest FoundationFoundation for Appalachian KentuckyFoundation for a Healthy KentuckyHumana FoundationIndiana Youth InstituteKY Oral Health Coalition KY Youth AdvocatesLouisville Health Advisory Board

and more!

We want to work with YOU too!

If Community Engagement is central to YOUR organizational goals or something you’d like to develop further McNary Group is here to help!

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