ELEMENT #2: Research & Evaluation

Continuing our series on the Six Elements of Organizational Impact here is

ELEMENT #2— Research & Evaluation

McNary Group’s breadth of community engagement includes decades of experience in qualitative and quantitative research with an eye on accountability.

We provide both qualitative and quantitative research services designed to uncover best practices, societal nuances, and actionable insights.

Research should be designed to discover the root causes of problems and answer the critical questions standing in the way of an organization’s progress.

We utilize participatory methodologies designed to find answers for community issues and highlight effective recommendations for sustainable change.

We’re skilled and experienced in drafting content for infographics, white papers, and more as needed to make research findings clear to internal and external audiences, and we prepare easily digestible information for grant reports and grant development.

We provide:

landscape analysis

needs assessment

annual reports

data and policy reports

program design and planning

program evaluation

process and impact evaluation

Our result-driven approach ensures the relevance and applicability of findings for all key players.

We have worked with:

AARPBounce CoalitionBoys and Girls HavenCenter for NeighborhoodsCenter for Health EquityCoalition for the HomelessCoalition Supporting Young AdultsCommonwealth Alliance Donor TableCouncilwoman Nicole GeorgeDare to Care Food BankEducation Foundation of AmericaFamily TimeForum for Youth InvestmentFoundation for Appalachian KYHomeless and Housing Coalition of KYJewish Heritage FundKentuckiana Heath CollaborativeLincoln Trail District Health DepartmentMaryhurstMetro United WayNational Center for Families LearningPurchase Area Health DepartmentRepresentative Attica ScottTexas Health InstituteWilderness Louisville

And we want to work with YOU too!

If Research & Evaluation is central to YOUR organizational goals or something you’d like to develop further, McNary Group is here to help!

Together, let’s make a difference in your community.

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