Let’s Spring into Action in 2024

McNary Group is proud to announce our upcoming 6-week series on Organizational Impact!

Each week, we will be unveiling a crucial element of organizational impact, along with a project that we have been fortunate enough to work on within the element.

At McNary Group, we collaborate with nonprofit organizations, philanthropic agencies, and governmental agencies focused on social justice to drive systemic change. Our focus is on impactful results and that begins within the organization.

So stay tuned in the coming weeks as we unveil our key elements of organizational impact and let’s work together to make lasting change.

Here is a preview of the weeks to come!

Week 1: Policy & Advocacy

IN ACTION: Supporting Families Together Association

Week 2: Research & Evaluation

IN ACTION: Metro United Way

Week 3: Community Engagement

IN ACTION: Coalition for the Homeless

Week 4: Human Resources & Youth Protection

IN ACTION: Sowing Seeds with Faith

Week 5: Strategic Planning & Facilitation

IN ACTION: Kentucky Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention Task Force

Week 6: Coalition Development & Management

IN ACTION: Healthcare Equity Committee

By the end, we will be co-creating a plan to amplify the impact within YOUR organization!