ELEMENT #1: Policy & Advocacy

Kicking off our series on the Six Elements of Organizational Impact

Let’s begin with ELEMENT #1— Policy & Advocacy

At McNary Group, our expertise includes years of getting to the root causes of social problems.

We have experience in designing and implementing public policy change initiatives. This includes sustaining, planning, researching, writing, coalition building, and lobbying to get legislation and other policies changed to improve outcomes for children, families, and communities.

This looks like…

legislative research

advocacy materials

campaign planning


We know how government works and the approach needed to advocate for system change.

We have worked with:

Brain Injury Alliance of KY DentaQuest FoundationKY Department for Public HealthKY Oral Health CoalitionKY Youth AdvocatesMaryhurstNational Center for Families LearningNational Safe Place NetworkPew Charitable TrustsRepresentative Attica ScottSupporting Families Together AssociationTexas Health InstituteUtah Department for Public Health

And we want to work with YOU too!

Our expertise lends to our case study evaluations a nuanced understanding of legislative landscapes and the routes to effective advocacy. We excel at actively involving community members and key players; gathering crucial insights that enrich our case study evaluations and contribute to a holistic understanding of community dynamics. Our experience in advocacy adds a layer of understanding to our evaluations that goes beyond mere numbers and metrics, enabling us to also assess the policy impact of community collaborations.

For over 20 years, McNary Group team members have engaged in advocacy at the state level and educated hundreds of people about advocacy and system reform in the process. As macro-level social workers, McNary Group commits to seeing all systems reformed to improve outcomes for families. We work daily to end structural racism, and to make both big P and small p policy shifts that ultimately lead to equitable outcomes for EVERY person.

If Policy & Advocacy is central to YOUR organizational goals or something you’d like to develop further McNary Group is here to help!

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