That Concludes Our Series!

Each of the Six Elements of Organizational Impact functions to build strong kids, families, and communities through equitable systems by uniting under the values of equity, compassion, social and economic justice, integrity, and ethics

Our services include designing customized projects for organizations that are looking for internal organizational change, community impact, and ultimately, social and racial justice. McNary Group helps with these types of projects. 

So, where does your organization fall? 

McNary Group has worked with over 120 local, state, and national organizations to create positive social change for children, youth and families, and communities. And we want to work with YOU too! 

Together we can create a gameplan for success! Because when you win, we all win

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Here is a summary of the full series:

Week 1: Policy & Advocacy

IN ACTION: Supporting Families Together Association

Week 2: Research & Evaluation

IN ACTION: Metro United Way

Week 3: Community Engagement

IN ACTION: Coalition for the Homeless

Week 4: Human Resources & Youth Protection

IN ACTION: Sowing Seeds with Faith

Week 5: Strategic Planning & Facilitation

IN ACTION: Kentucky Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention Task Force

Week 6: Coalition Development & Management

IN ACTION: Healthcare Equity Committee