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Code 6.04 Advocates, Inc. is a nonpartisan 501c3 (nonprofit) organization that is focused on creating a global advocacy network through technology to improve the effectiveness of advocacy plans and tactics in a polarized modern global society. We will use advocacy that works, helps those to rise up, that meets the outliers, and directly impacts change for the world’s most vulnerable populations building from the old to a new advocacy style – Disruptive Advocacy.  We are creating the inroad for thinkers, listeners, doers and innovators to create real change that is applicable and effective in a modern-day society.  We aim to train, build and connect a first of its kind advocacy network across disciplines.


Urgency is the mother of Innovation and Code 6.04 Advocates, Inc. is the solution for advocates to-be to connected worldwide. Code 6.04 Advocates, Inc. will complete our products and opportunities in partnership with the University of New Mexico’s established Project ECHO model. The organization will move knowledge, which moves people and subsequently grows social capital: the power of people. Code 6.04 Advocates, Inc. is committed to addressing the needs of the most vulnerable populations by equipping advocates with the right knowledge, right skills and abilities at the right place, at the right time, in real time.  All in a setting that fits our current day societal operations and emulates an already successful University of New Mexico’s Project ECHO model used in other arenas in the world.

Meet the Team

Elizabeth Martin, MSSW

Liz Dumbaugh Martin, MSSW,  Liz is a collaborative leader and relationship developer with 20+ years of success influencing people and programs toward achievement of common goals.  Experienced in state and federal program growth including a long-term career serving the University of Louisville in teaching, e-learning curriculum development, donor and alumni relations, state employee training, and grant-funded programs and analytics.  Award-winning grass-roots activist with aptitude for promoting awareness and change, leading group facilitation which impacts lives through local, state, and federal legislation. Ms. Martin is an experienced community organizer and strategist, former lobbyist and advocate both with the Children’s Defense Fund and Kentucky Court Appointed Special Advocates, Inc.  Her professional experience in nonprofit organizational management, sales promotion, relationship building and social media have created her unique ability to successfully implement plans of change. These experiences add to her strengths with strategic planning within organizations or with community planning.  She brings with her the thought process of program versus process when addressing social change needs. She is a graduate of Boston College and the University of Louisville.

Lacey McNary, MSW

Lacey has expertise and over 20 years’ experience in facilitation, public policy identification and prioritization, as well as network and coalition building. Lacey started McNary group in 2014 after over a decade at the state’s only child advocacy organization. Lacey joined the staff at Kentucky Youth Advocates in 2002 and served in many roles at the organization -including being a deputy director. Successes include leading a planning effort to improve oral health outcomes by developing a statewide oral health literacy campaign as she directed the Kentucky Oral Health Coalition. Lacey is adept at designing, initiating and sustaining a variety of projects and programs in several portfolio arenas, including health, early childhood and child welfare. Lacey creates critical linkages and fosters collaboration between diverse leaders at the local, state and national levels around influencing key decisions on behalf of children and families. She has lead successful short and long term strategic planning efforts. She has lead many efforts to convene and train advocates and volunteers in sharing their point of view with decision makers. Lacey was the founding leader of the decade-old Children’s Advocacy at the Capitol campaign as well as the designer and facilitator of several Child Advocacy Fellowships. She collaborated with national foundations and organizations to bring critical advocacy funding into the state to make Kentucky the best place in America to be young. Lacey attended Ball State University for her BSW, Washington University in St. Louis for her MSW and currently teaches masters level social welfare policy courses at the University of Louisville, Kent School of Social Work.

Larry Michalczyk, MSSW

With 42 years of experience in public services and teaching, Larry Michalczyk currently serves as full time teaching faculty in Social Policy, SW Leadership and student internships at University of Louisville’s Kent School of Social Work. Larry formerly served for 10 years (2000-2010) as a state consultant for KY’s Department for Community Based Services. There he developed Community Partnerships for Protecting Children and provided management consulting.  From 2007-2010, Larry also served as a state consultant for the Kentucky Race, Community and Child Welfare Initiative (RCCW).  Prior to his UL appointment, Larry served as Vice President of Planning for Seven Counties Services, (community mental health) from 1992-2000.  In state government from 1977-1992, Larry formerly served as the Budget Director, Deputy Commissioner and Commissioner of Kentucky’s Department for Social Services, predecessor of DCBS  (Child Welfare & Juvenile Justice). Larry is a founding Partner of Louisville’s Neighborhood Place System (8 one stop family service centers). He has worked extensively with the Edna McConnell Clark, Annie E Casey Foundations and with the Center for the Study of Social Policy in Washington, D.C.  Larry is a former Board Member of Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky, Inc, Community Coordinated Child Care (4C’s) and 2NOT1 Fatherhood & Families, Inc. Larry is a graduate of Loyola University, New Orleans, LA and received his Master’s of Science in Social Work degree from the Raymond A Kent School of Social Work, Louisville, KY.

Jaime Thompson, MSSW

Jaime Thompson, MSSW is a professional social worker committed to serving marginalized, oppressed, abused and exploited humans. Jaime is the Program Director at People Against Trafficking Humans (PATH) Coalition of Kentucky and a part-time lecturer at the Kent School of Social Work at the University of Louisville since 2014. Her research interests include human trafficking, child welfare and foster care system outcomes for youth and high-risk families, trauma-informed care frameworks, and using qualitative research methodologies to promote empowerment and resilience for vulnerable populations. Jaime worked for 10 years (2002-2012) at Family & Children’s Place conducting home visits in the HANDS program, working with foster children and their families of origin during therapeutic visits, supporting non-offending caregivers whose children were seen at the Child Advocacy Center for allegations of child sexual abuse, and facilitating child sexual abuse prevention training to over 2000 adults in a Kentucky Statewide program. Jaime lives in the Highlands of Louisville, KY with her 18 year-old son and enjoys camping, hiking, forest bathing, and traveling with family and friends.

What is Code 6.04?

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