What We Do

McNary Group NonProfit Consulting Services

McNary Group provides expert and experienced system change, policy, and leadership consulting services to nonprofit organizations across the country that want to get results and achieve their goals. We specialize in working with organizations in the nonprofit sector, foundations, and government. Our unique skill sets allow us to help clients across industries and situations.

team work

We have studied and implemented many systems of evaluation, leadership, and facilitation that we incorporate into our work, such as: 

  • Results Based Accountability
  • Collective Impact
  • Facilitative Leadership
  • Advocacy Evaluation

We are committed to the following approaches:

  • appreciative inquiry
  • collaborative evaluation
  • co-creation
  • equity evaluation principles
  • creative approaches
  • capacity building
  • empowerment

How Can McNary Help Your Organization?

Acquaint Yourself With our Six Elements of Organizational Impact for Nonprofit Organizations and Let’s Talk!

1. Policy and Advocacy

Our expertise includes years of getting to the root causes of social problems. We have experience in designing and implementing public policy change initiatives. This includes sustaining, planning, researching, writing, coalition building, and lobbying to get legislation and other policies changed to improve outcomes for children, families, and communities. We know how government works and the approaches needed to advocate for change.


2. Research and Evaluation

We offer both qualitative and quantitative research services that involve meticulously researching best practices, getting out into the field to learn the nuances of an issue, and producing findings and professional recommendations. We’re skilled and experienced in drafting content for infographics, white papers, and more, and we prepare easily digestible information for grant reports and grant development. Our evaluation services include process and impact evaluation.


3. Community Engagement

We value empowered and informed decision-making, inclusion of marginalized voices, space for storytelling about the history and experience of those involved, respect for community, trust-building with all stakeholders, commitment to the promises made, access to the process for all, accurately depicting the public’s role, and reflecting back what we have heard. Our engagement process plans for the needs of all of the stakeholders we engage, not just the ones with the power of the purse or the gavel. This approach creates an inclusive process that will ultimately lead to a strong, supported, sustainable community vision. Finally, we believe in great facilitation, which can be an overlooked yet essential feature of productive meetings. This means we will plan for translation or elimination of professional jargon / acronyms, built-in listening, and proactive work through difficult subjects. We utilize many methods to bring voices to the conversation and are committed to cultural responsiveness, combating implicit bias and institutionalized racism, positive youth engagement, and a trauma-informed approach.


4. Human Resources & Youth Protection

We provide organizations with personnel solutions that result in improved employee and organizational performance. Our work begins with interviewing organizational leadership to determine the current status of HR policies and practices. This work allows us to gain an understanding of the organizational culture, climate, and readiness. We will then move into organizational assessment, data collection, policy language development, and training and monitoring.  We will then work with organizations to implement recommendations. Our primary role is to assist our clients in identifying needs, developing action plans, and facilitating change. Our services are designed to improve productivity, efficiency, compliance, and employee morale. Contact Erin Chism PHR, SHRM-CP for more information or to schedule a free 30-minute consultation at erin@mcnarygroup.com.


5. Strategic Planning and Facilitation

Our strategy sessions can be geared toward boards, coalitions, committees, staff, or communities. We understand that every organization, effort, and initiative has a life cycle and needs to continuously evaluate sustainable and feasible ways to improve. We offer a neutral voice and an expert, observant eye to help propel organizations to success.


6. Coalition Development & Management

We are dedicated to supporting community collaboration by providing the necessary structure and accountability for success. With our expertise, we ensure the implementation of strategic plans and delivery of comprehensive support to ensure their effectiveness. Our team has extensive experience in various facets of collective impact work, ranging from meeting planning and facilitation to project management, policy expertise, and community engagement. Our background in providing backbone support enables us to understand, assess, and improve collaborative efforts, thereby aligning perfectly with the aim of evaluating collaborations in community settings.