Critical Learning Systems

Objective of the Project:
While the overall goals of maintaining oral health have benefited the majority of Americans over the past half century, many still experience needless pain and suffering, complications that devastate overall health and well-being, and financial and social costs that diminish the quality of life and burden American society. What amounts to “a silent epidemic” of oral diseases is affecting our most vulnerable citizens-poor children, the elderly, and many members of racial and ethnic groups.

McNary Group assisted Critical Learning Systems with initial development of the National Oral Health Needs Index Project to assist advocates with key data points for their work in addressing oral health needs of the most vulnerable across the country.

The Scope of Work included:

  • Convene and utilize an expert advisory committee to plan strategic roll out and evaluation of
    the National Oral Health Needs Index Project pilot
  • Grant Development for the project
  • Partner development and cultivation

The final product is in development, but the “work in progress” can be found here.

Here is an article about the project from the Southern Health Equity Council, which Lacey McNary serves as Secretary.