DentaQuest Foundation

The DentaQuest Foundation is the convenor and backbone organization for a national movement to improve oral health in America called OralHealth 2020.

The McNary Group serves two roles for the DentaQuest Foundation: Regional Oral Health Connection Team Leader for the Southern Region of the United States and as the National Oral Healthy Connection Team Member.

The scope of work includes:

  • Weave relationships across all levels of the network (grasstops, grassmiddles, grassroots) across the region and the country through relationship development.
  • Co-develop, with the team, a region-specific learning agenda and implement throughout the year.
  • Support state and grassroots representatives in implementing their goals through a technical assistance program consisting of webinars and ongoing peer to peer support.
  • Create and implement a process for ongoing engagement and support with state and grassroots reps including peer to peer coaching calls, closing triangles, and ongoing phone and email interaction.
  • Partner with network support staff to coordinate and deliver support including facilitation, meeting design, and technical assistance programming.
  • Develop consistent messaging and evaluate its impact for the network via ongoing collaboration through and promotion of the Socious platform.
  • Educate the network about challenges and opportunities within the public policy environment through designing and implementing educational strategies including webinars and convenings.
  • Advance the core values of the network through capacity building and resource development by partnering with consultants to develop necessary TA strategies and information.
  • Create an entity that can serve as the backbone organization for the Oral Health 2020 Network¬†by partnering with staff and consultants in strategy design.