Interaction Institute for Social Change

Objective of the Project:

The Interaction Institute for Social Change catalyzes the will and skill of the diverse public to create social justice and sustainability. They do this with people in communities, organizations and movements through training, facilitation, network building and public engagement. IISC brings their commitment to equity, love and trust to all of their work. IISC was contracted to assist the Utah Oral Health Coalition to achieve their goals. The coalition has been building in strength over the years, has a robust Steering Committee, strong connectivity to the national Oral Health 2020 Coalition, and a commitment to building so that there is greater alignment and coordinating action among their coalition members.

McNary Group served as the subcontractor to IISC to complete the work with the Utah Oral Health Coalition.

The Scope of Work included: Partnering with the Planning Committee to design and facilitate a convening where participants feel like they share in the ownership of the Coalition and see ways in which they can step into greater involvement.