Jewish Heritage Fund for Excellence

The Jewish Heritage Fund for Excellence (JHFE) is a Louisville grant making organization dedicated to improving health and fostering a thriving Jewish community. 

McNary Group consulted with JHFE staff to develop a deeper understanding of adolescent wellness and identify approaches to evaluation that could support more clearly defining and communicating desired outcomes, monitoring progress toward those outcomes, and communicating impact and learnings both internally and externally.

The goals for this project were to define JHFE’s adolescent wellness vision and build knowledge about potential evaluation approaches that could enable staff to collect the information required to tell the story of JHFE’s impact. The McNary Group and JHFE staff convened several times over the course of the year. 

McNary Group assisted JHFE to design evaluation approaches, use and collect data, and engage in a change process grounded in equity and justice. McNary Group talked with youth about their life experiences, conducted an extensive literature review, and led the staff in multiple workshops. The guiding objective was to create a sustainable data culture informed by the community.