Kentucky Social Welfare Foundation

Objective of the Project:

The Kentucky Social Welfare Foundation remains committed to the founder’s wishes to “improve standards of living and opportunity among the poor, sick, unfortunate and vocationally handicapped persons residing in the State of Kentucky, particularly in rural areas, small towns and areas of special need, by helping to provide for them and their dependents, well organized and administered welfare and health agencies and other facilities, including demonstrations of progressive and effective methods, for self-help and training.” A question was posed to board about how best to direct support to impact the state the vulnerable in Kentucky. The board scheduled a fall retreat to discuss these questions.

 McNary Group provided technical assistance with planning and preparation of the board retreat.

The Scope of Work included:

  • Conduct Board and Key Stakeholder Analysis
  • Developed Agenda and Facilitation of Fall Board Retreat
  • Drafted and designed a final consultant’s report including key findings of the research at the Board retreat

The final product was a comprehensive report that was delivered internally to the board.