Lincoln Trail District Health Department

The Lincoln Trail District Health Department (LTDHD) serves to improve public health and safety through prevention, promotion, and protection. LTDHD serves the residents and visitors of a six-county area in Kentucky, including Hardin, LaRue, Marion, Meade, Nelson and Washington counties.

McNary Group provided qualitative data collection, analysis, and reporting to LTDHD’s community health needs assessment

The research project was designed to assess six social determinants of health in LTDHD’s six county region. The chosen determinants included transportation, housing, healthcare, mental and behaviorial health, susbtance use disorder and treatment, and food security. 

Addressing community needs and strengths, with a particular focus on elevating health equity, was the leading objective of the assessment process. The qualitative findings can be found in the final report entitled Embracing Health Equity 2022-2026 Community Health Assessment Qualititative Findings