Metro United Way

Project 1:

Objective of the Project:

McNary Group assisted Building Louisville’s Out-of-School Time Coordinated System (BLOCS) with Strategic Planning for their Data Committee. BLOCS is a partnership of Louisville, Kentucky education, government and community impact organizations that strive to improve opportunities for our youth.

McNary Group developed a strategy for workplan development and conducted informant interviews for the BLOCs Data Committee. We also designed and facilitated four committee data meetings of the BLOCS Initiative.

The final product was a workplan, timeline and outline of a final report will will be released in 2018.


Project 2:

Objective of the Project:
McNary Group and Wildflower Consulting partnered to conduct a “Study of Developmental Screener Use in West Louisville”. This project was contracted through Metro United Way and funded by the Humana Foundation. The research focused on pediatricians, family practice doctors, health department, other public clinics, a pediatric consortium, community based organizations working to improve the health and education of children ages birth to five, and others as appropriate. We worked with the partners to study the use of the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) and other developmental screening of children ages birth to five in West Louisville neighborhoods, to understand the most effective way to expand the program through West Louisville pediatric offices. This research included the collection of data on screening tool usage, barriers and facilitators; a capacity gap analysis; an analysis of long-term healthcare and other cost savings, and developmental screening road map for West Louisville practitioners.

The final product included a full report and an executive summary:


ASQ Report Exec Summary