Supporting Families Together Association

The Supporting Families Together Association (SFTA) is Wisconsin’s statewide member association for organizations and individuals committed to making every early childhood a great one. SFTA provides services and supports to member agencies in order to positively impact children, parents, child care providers, and the world of early childhood care and education throughout Wisconsin. 

McNary Group partnered with SFTA to provide advocacy education, training, and planning. The mutually agreed upon goal was to improve access, quality, and awareness of the important programs that child care resource and referral agencies and family resource centers offer in the state of Wisconsin. 

In two phases of collaboration, McNary Group worked with SFTA to create a stronger advocacy arm in their work in early childcare and education throughout Wisconsin. 

In phase one, McNary Group facilitated a series of virtual training and education sessions that focused on increasing knowledge and facilitating idea and goal generating processes related to advocacy. 

In phase two, a subsequent early childhood advocacy plan was generated for the organization. The plan received support from member agencies, providers, parents, and the community, and is invested in ensuring the best opportunities for healthy childhoods for all children in Wisconsin.